Measuring Guide

To measure for size, get the waist measurement (1) at the natural waistline, a little above the belly button.

The hip measurement (2) is the most important. Measure the hips around the widest part of the pelvis, around the buttocks.

For length (3), straighten the child's leg out, and measure the distance from the waistline to the kneecap.

Custom Sizes

Generally the waist can not be made more than 1½ inches larger than the hip measurement. The waist band is elastic and will expand, therefore on all custom sizes the waist measurement will be 1 inch smaller than the measurement on the order to insure a snug fit. If the length measurement is 6" or less, please contact us before ordering.

We recommend that you try a standard size first to see if it fits, and then decide whether a custom size is necessary. If you believe you need a custom size, order only one to begin with, since it is difficult to get perfect measurements and because custom sizes are not returnable. Standard sizes may be returned if in NEW condition.

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